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We are model ship and model boat manufacturers. Our ship models and boat models builders are experts in creating detailed and quality model ships. We can wholesale, distribute, drop ship any boats or ships on our website. We are the factory and makers of these fully assembled model ships and model boats. Our model ship and boat model catalog is available upon request.

Model Ships Manufacturer
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At Tall Model Ships we are the manufacturers and wholesalers of hand-built, museum quality model ships and nautical décor. To become a dealer email us your business resale number and you will be emailed access to see pricing. We guarantee we offer the best prices/largest selection and all items are in stock and ship from our Los Angeles facility daily.

Best Selling Wholesale Nautical Items

Queen Anne's Revenge 14"

Scout's Brass Spyglass 7"

Titanic 14"

Gentlemen's Compass 4"

Ship Wheel Clock 12"

Columbia 25"

Compass w/Lid Key Chain

Blue Ship in a Bottle 11"

Viking 14"

Boatswain / Bosun Whistle

Jaws - Orca 20"

Brass Anchor Paper Weight

Display Ready Model Ships & Solid Brass Nautical Items
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Tall Ship Models, the premier source for timeless handcrafted model tall ships and other model boats

Is your business searching for handcrafted nautical wholesale products that will sell themselves? Search no further. Tall Model Ships is a model ship builder and manufacturer of high quality wholesale nautical items that will enhance your current product offerings.

At Tall Model Ships we provide manufacturer-direct pricing to our dealers. Our wide selection of Wholesale nautical products includes everything from toy pirate ships to nautical clocks and much more.

All of the nautical wholesale products we provide are handcrafted and come with the highest quality control guarantee. Being a model ship builder, if model ships are the focus of your business, we are the number one source for expertly handcrafted boat models that provide both the accuracy and quality consumers demand. Whether your customers are looking for a brass telescope, marine compass, compass keychain, bosun whistle, titanic model, Columbia model, ship in a bottle, or a Viking ship model, we carry them all.

You can count on our wholesale nautical products to be made from the finest materials and designed by master craftsmen. We are so confident in our products and our prices that we offer a 100% guarantee that we offer the lowest wholesale price on all of our nautical wholesale items. Since we are the manufacturer and model boat builder, we are very passionate about the quality and beauty of our models.

To become a dealer, email us your business resale number and you will be emailed access to see pricing. We guarantee we offer the best prices and largest selection. All of our items are in stock and ship from our Los Angeles facility daily.

Ship Model Manufacturer
Model Boat Manufacturer

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